This is the cream tea Audrey made

Using my instructions to make a cream tea Audrey, a hard working editor in Canada, made her own cream tea and took an afternoon off to enjoy it.

During the day she works hard, slaving over a hot computer helping other writers to become better writers. After she had edited my cream tea page she decided to take a break from the Writer's Helper and make a cream tea.

It was such a success that Audrey sent me some photos. She then kindly allowed me to use her pictures to share it with you.

Your tea is ready

She writes:
So here I am at the start with the tea cloth trimmed with my grandmother's hand knit lace. My favourite tea cup was a gift from an elderly friend in her late 80s. It's been in her family for a long time. The teapot was a gift from my mother.

I ate all my strawberries so had no strawberry jam. Instead I broke open a jar of blueberry jam I was given as a thank you gift. I told the woman who made it that I would save it up for a special occasion.

I didn't have any nifty little serving bowls for the jam or cream so I used wineglasses. The napkin is from my time in Ukraine. I drink my tea without milk, lemon or sugar. And I LOVE it!

Audrey finished by saying:
Thank you for my lovely afternoon break. Wish I could have had you over for this. But I thoroughly enjoyed my lovely interlude in my own back garden, a place I haven't enjoyed nearly enough this summer. I look out over a huge Russian sage bush full of happy bees.

I hope you will join Audrey and me and enjoy making your own cream tea.

Meanwhile, back in England, Elizabeth was enjoying a cream tea with her family. Read about Elizabeth's cream teas.

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