Want a cream tea?
Elizabeth's family did too!

Elizabeth enjoys a cream tea

My friend Elizabeth's family wanted a cream tea. Elizabeth writes about healthy eating so surely she wouldn't let them eat clotted cream, scones and jam? All those unhealthy fats, sugars and calories?

Would she?

When you think about cream it doesn't sound exactly healthy eating does it? You may be surprised at the answer given to me when I asked Elizabeth.

She writes:

My whole family loves cream teas; they’re one of the highlights of any trip to Devon. Luckily, we visit family in nearby Dorset every year, so we always fit in as many cream teas as we can while we’re there. The most we’ve managed in a week’s holiday was eight – and we had to have one of those for breakfast!

You might not think that cream teas fit very well with an interest in healthy eating, but I can assure you, they do. My take on healthy eating is all about enjoying fresh, delicious, local food, rather than horrible, factory-processed rubbish. I wouldn’t suggest anyone ate eight cream teas every week, but as a once-a-year treat, there’s no problem. When we come home, we’re rather less indulgent than we are on holiday, and that makes a cream tea, when we do have one, even more special.

Plus, an authentic cream tea is nothing if not fresh and local. My ideal cream tea consists of light and airy home-made scones , sweet and fruity home-made jam from locally grown strawberries, and a bowl of smooth, rich organic clotted cream from a local herd. With gorgeous ingredients like that, how could the quintessentially English cream tea fail to please? Mmm, I’m looking forward to my next trip to Devon already!

Enjoying his tea

So, there you have it. A healthy eating expert says it's OK to have a cream tea now and again.

To find other ideas for enjoyable and yet healthy eating the please visit Elizabeth's healthy eating site Then come back here and read about Audrey's afternoon off or have a go at making your own cream tea.

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