Edge Lemon Pudding

This recipe for Edge Lemon Pudding comes from Jane in Hampshire. It is also sometimes known as Sussex Pond Pudding. Whilst, strictly speaking, it's not a Devon dish it's just such a lovely treat you've got to try it.

There is one word of warning - don't try this if you're watching your waistline!

It is gorgeous, very easy and is delicious served with Devon clotted cream.

Edge Lemon Pudding

You will need:

    Suet pastry
    Whole lemons
    Soft brown sugar

    A medium size pudding basin
    Large saucepan 2/3 full of boiling water


To make suet pastry use self raising flour, vegetable suet and a pinch of salt. The quantities don't have to be exact, simply use half the quantity of suet to flour. For example 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of suet. Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl and then add enough water to make a pasty dough.

Roll the dough out to about 1/2 inch thick and line a medium size pudding bowl with suet pastry. Save enough to make a lid for the pudding.

Take either one very large or several small lemons - unwaxed - and stab them over several times with a sharp knife.

Put the whole lemons into the lined pudding bowl and fill in all the spaces with lumps of butter and plenty of soft brown sugar.

There are no quantities applicable on this - you just keep ramming the stuff in until the space is filled.

Cover the basin with a lid of suet pastry, tie a covering over it - I usually use tinfoil.

Now sit it in a large pan of water and steam it for an hour or two. You know it's done when the pastry turns a lovely golden brown, but don't worry - this is not a thing that will suffer from overcooking.

Turn it out onto a plate - when you cut into it you'll find that the lemons have completely dissolved, so you have this gorgeous thick hot curd spilling out of the pastry case - this is the "pond".

NB - the pips don't dissolve though, so watch out for those.

Serve hot with clotted cream for a really traditional desert. Cook's tip - whatever you do, don't skimp on the butter & sugar.

Jane - this sounds absolutely lush and totally unlikely - the thought that the lemons would disintegrate is almost impossible to believe but I'm sure you're not telling porkies and it must be so.

For a main course to go with the Edge Lemon Pudding click here

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