Last minute travel - are you
paying through the nose?

Last minute travel can be one of two things; extremely cheap or very, very expensive. How can you avoid the pitfalls and still have money in the bank? The advice in the following article will help you to save your dollars.

My friend Jonathan is somewhat of an expert in the field of last minute travel as in the course of his work he often has to take business trips. You can benefit from his experience in having to make travel arrangements in a hurry, read his top tips in this article.

Is your last minute travel always more expensive than a well-planned one?

Last Minute Travel doesn't have to lead to expense. Let us show you how to get the best deals and bargains without the stress. For any last minute vacations, it pays to know when the most expensive travel periods are. The high demand for travel during certain periods drives the prices up for most essentials like airline tickets, cruises , hotel rooms and car rentals .

Fortunately, there are a few free tools, tricks and sites that you can use to make your last minute travel cheaper, faster, easier and more fun!

The other alternative is to buy last minute vacation packages.They are generally good but only if you cannot locate a cheap airfare.

And an understanding of how the airlines operate will help you get that cheap last minute airline tickets.

As for hotel reservations, it's true that most often you do get a better rate by simply picking the phone either from a phone booth nearby to book rather walking to the reservation counter.

Another way you can save on your car rental is to consider the parking charges instead, again this can be easily verify via the phone by simply asking the hotel staff for local advice.

Airlines, hotels, cruise ships and rental car companies lose money for every seat, hotel room, cabin or rental car they don't fill. Typically, they would rely on travel agents, or consolidators to help them clear their inventories.

By buying such items in bulk and repackaging them together into last minute vacation packages, it's unlikely you can buy these items separately on your own at a cheaper price.

For more tips and ideas on how to have fun, save more in your travel adventure, head on over to the Last Minute Vacations and Travel Guide

As a business traveler, Jonathan does a lot of last minute travel and he is always on the lookout for cheap, quick and practical last minute travel tips.

Thanks for those tips Jon, it's things like this that can really help to keep the cost down and contribute to a great holiday.

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