Memories of Devon

by Daniel


Your website brought back wonderful memories of Devon from the East all the way to Torquay! As a Scot with a brand new education (in Science)the Queen drafted me into REME for my National Service at 2TRG (Training) Battalion REME, Honiton, Devon on 15 Nov 1956. This was the first of two postings to Honiton. The Queen in her wisdom awarded me a Short Service Commission and I returned to Honiton as a 2nd Lieutenant in early 1958. In April Marjory (from Scotland) and I were married and set up house in Honiton.

We owned a 1934 Morris and spent much time exploring the magic Devon countryside. On your website you mentioned Ottery which we remember as Ottery St. Mary and the wonderful old church. We also enjoyed going to Exeter and having tea in Lyons Tea House. I am an enthusiast for English cathedrals and was and still am especially fond of your great Cathedral in Exeter. While my accent must have been strange to the Devon locals, their accent was interesting to me.

As the officer in charge of cross country I travelled with the battalion cross country team all over Devon. The most exciting happening was the road blocks set up near Honiton by the police when there was an escape from Dartmoor prison! We very much enjoyed taking a trip to the sea at Sidmouth. My wife just reminded me that we also went to Dawlish. The rank and file REME recruits - including expatriate Scots - enjoyed the "scrumpy" Devon version of cider.

Early in 1959 our romance with Devon was rudely changed when our dear Queen decided to send me to a workshop in South Arabia. Unsurprisingly there were no beautiful old village churches,no grass, no rain and many locals who did not speak English.

I suppose I am talking about a Devon experience before your time. In 2008 we will be married 50 years. How time passes! Hopefully, the beauty of your wonderful county is essentially unchanged, given development and multi-lane highways.

We wish you success with your website about one of our favorite places.


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Congratulations on celebrating your Golden Wedding in 2008.

Thanks for telling us your memories of Devon, it's just as beautiful as ever.


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Great story!

Thanks - I really enjoyed reading about another person's visit to Devon, it is years since I have been there myself.


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Its great and makes me proud to read your comments
of my home town.After 40 years i still miss it.Now
living in Cyprus.

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