New venue for Jurassic Folk & Acoustic

by Peter Arnold

Jurassic Folk players

Jurassic Folk players

Jurassic Folk players
Jurassic Folk jollity!

Jurassic Folk & Acoustic moves to Beer

It's all change at Jurassic Folk as the new year brings a move to a new venue. After six and a half years in Seaton, Jurassic Folk and Acoustic is relocating itself to Beer, where it has found a smashing new home at The Dolphin Hotel. With its excellent facilities, first class bar and food menu, easy parking and overnight accommodation should it be needed, the Dolphin is just about the perfect venue for musical entertainment, and the arrival of Jurassic Folk will surely enhance its reputation in this respect.

In a nutshell, Jurassic Folk provides a platform on which local performers of all types can come along and display their talents to an attentive and encouraging audience. Organiser Peter Arnold explains "Although mainly attracting singers and musicians, all sorts of performers are welcome and we regularly have poets, dancers and even jugglers". And in case the term "folk music" puts anybody off, Peter explains " The 'music' part is just as important as the 'folk', and I go along with Louis Armstrong who, when asked about his view on folk music said ' folk music..? I've never heard any music that wasn't made by folk' ".

What is the difference between Jurassic Folk and an 'open mic' night? Well, the main difference is that there are no mics, it is all acoustic, and therefore will be held in the function room and not in the bar. These 'Come All Ye' evenings are totally free admission and the audience comes and goes as they please.

Peter again: "We are particularly keen to welcome first time performers, particularly young people, because it can be quite daunting getting up in public for the first time, but at Jurassic Folk you'll be supported all the way, as we've all been through it at some time."

The opening night will be on Wednesday, 22nd January, starting at 7.30pm prompt, and thereafter it will be monthly on the third Wednesday. If you want to perform, normally you can just come along as early as possible and put your name down, but on the opening night it is expected to be very busy and so It will be prudent to phone or email beforehand to ensure a spot.

Jurassic Folk has a website at, and you can contact Peter and Hilary, the organisers, on 01297 20064 or email, and they very much hope to see old and new friends on the 22nd.

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